Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Are you getting those annoying emails from Internet Marketer Chris Freville?  Do Not Buy Anything he is promoting, because it is guaranteed a SCAM.  His newest SCAM is Commission Shortcut in which he uses a British actor to promote this CRAP.

I have bought many things from this SCAMMER over the years and you guessed it, it was all pure GARBAGE.  Think I would have learned a lesson after the first purchase, but it doesn't really matter because I returned them all.  I even signed up for his limited personal training and talked to him many times.  In one of the calls he even admitted that what he promotes is not that shinny penny that you think it is, and not to chase it.  He tried to get me to create an Internet Marketing Course and then promote it through a list.  The problem is that I didn't have a system that I used to make money.  He suggested just slapping something together.  I was not alright with that.  This is not what I stand for and against the way I think.  I don't enjoy money that much that I would screw hard working people out of their money for my greed.  He would and does this everyday.  He has no heart or soul.  To me this is just an evil person.

So when you buy something from him, it is just slapped together CRAP that will do nothing for you except lighten your wallet.  People like him are criminals and should have to pay the same price as a bank robber or a Bernie Maddoff.

I just created this blog to inform you of the type of person Chris Freville really is.  If you can't resist that shinny new penny and have to make a purchase from him, make sure to return it as soon as you realize it's CRAP.  There WILL be an UP SALE on anything you purchase from him so be careful.  That $39 product is returnable, but the other UPSALE STUFF, that may cost $100's is NOT!

Just STAY AWAY from this SCAMMER.