Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Are you getting those annoying emails from Internet Marketer Chris Freville?  Do Not Buy Anything he is promoting, because it is guaranteed a SCAM.  His newest SCAM is Commission Shortcut in which he uses a British actor to promote this CRAP.

I have bought many things from this SCAMMER over the years and you guessed it, it was all pure GARBAGE.  Think I would have learned a lesson after the first purchase, but it doesn't really matter because I returned them all.  I even signed up for his limited personal training and talked to him many times.  In one of the calls he even admitted that what he promotes is not that shinny penny that you think it is, and not to chase it.  He tried to get me to create an Internet Marketing Course and then promote it through a list.  The problem is that I didn't have a system that I used to make money.  He suggested just slapping something together.  I was not alright with that.  This is not what I stand for and against the way I think.  I don't enjoy money that much that I would screw hard working people out of their money for my greed.  He would and does this everyday.  He has no heart or soul.  To me this is just an evil person.

So when you buy something from him, it is just slapped together CRAP that will do nothing for you except lighten your wallet.  People like him are criminals and should have to pay the same price as a bank robber or a Bernie Maddoff.

I just created this blog to inform you of the type of person Chris Freville really is.  If you can't resist that shinny new penny and have to make a purchase from him, make sure to return it as soon as you realize it's CRAP.  There WILL be an UP SALE on anything you purchase from him so be careful.  That $39 product is returnable, but the other UPSALE STUFF, that may cost $100's is NOT!

Just STAY AWAY from this SCAMMER.


  1. Hi there,

    Thank you for your blog post! I myself and trying and working like an absolute fiend to make money online....and failing and losing a lot of sleep. I found something that has potential but I won't mention it here as I have not really started it just yet. I get emails from Chris Freville daily. Hourly almost it seems. Another one I wanted to mention to you, IM with Jamie is GARBAGE! Absolute garbage. They ALMOST were able to keep my money, but thankfully due to my own diligence, I cornered them and they had no choice but to refund. I plan to blog about my experience but in the meantime I will share a brief overview to WARN your other readers of this crook. Here is what happens: very similar to Chris Freville in a sense that you pay the $1 and then you have 7 days, then monthly billing. Also ridiculous upsells immediately once you get into the members area. Those upsells are total junk and DO NOT work, despite their BS "support team" trying to insist that I am delusional and that it is all fine and working. Long story short, this guy is a total punk who looks like Golum from LOTR. He is some geeky white guy wanna-be Eminem. I joined his webinar one night, and this is how it went down:

    3 hours of listening to him and his wealthy friend laugh and joke about strippers, hate mail, and their wealth. They go on and on about how fun it is to be millionaires. They had a "bash a guru" contest also that no one participated in. There was almost zero teachings. He viewed a couple of members personal websites and naturally said they are awesome and perfect. I called BS immediately as one site was absolutely terrible. The guy really tried and kudos to him huge, however he needed honest advice and all Jamie Lewis did was tell him it was great and yadda yadda. No one is going to stay on that site more then a minute it looked so bad. Jamie Lewis effectively set this poor guy up for failure. I looked at it from a buyer perspective and not a chance would I purchase off the site. I was sitting there all bug-eyed at how Jamie had no problem setting this guy up to fail instead of helping him re-do and create a good site! Then, Jamie opens up "hate mail" from angry customers, doesn't even block the clients name, and reads it to his webinar audience!! REALLY!? How unprofessional is that? To know that he openly mocks his "haters" made me nervous to request a refund. By the end of it....I was totally mind-blown. I stayed on for a few more days as I was invited to a free webinar that was guaranteed to change my life. I thought ok fine, last chance Jamie. So I log in, wait, then Jamie comes on and gets everyone hyped up with "is everyone ready to make money tonight???". Turns out, this "live webinar" was actually recorded in July of 2011, not March 2013. Nothing live about it. Next, the entire thing was a SCAM to make $997 off of "15 lucky action takers" who "purchase within the next 10 minutes". WHAT GARBAGE! Worse yet? People bought it!!! No kidding he is rich!

    So I ask for a refund. First off people, it is NOT 60 days as promised. Oh no. It is 30 days, and at that you have to make the request in writing via post. I am in Canada. I had to pay $25 to have this letter rushed and tracked.

    Best $25 ever spent. I got the refund.


  2. Hi there, Chris Freville here. I was horrified to read your comments on this blog and I would like to clarify something which you have got wrong. All products that I sell come with a 100% no questions asked full money back guarantee, and that includes the upsells for Commission Shortcut. In fact, Clicksure have a very clear refund policy which is stated here:

    If you were unable to receive your refund from Clicksure (maybe because its beyond the 60 day period) then let me know and I will personally refund you for all your purchases including the upsells.

    I have been marketing online since 2005 and have published several excellent products under my own name and I have a long list of testimonials from my happy customers.

    I take great pride in making sure my customers are 100% happy. If they are not, for any reason, then I insist they ask for (and receive) a refund, because I don't like to see any of my customer unhappy.

    Please contact me personally and I will make sure your refund is dealt with immediately to your satisfaction. Chris

    1. Hey Chris Freville,
      I purchase products June 16th,2013 (4 days ago from writing). Disappointed to say, I've received NO Upsell products that I purchased. No emails, replies, login info other than monthly recurring membership fee login details. I've sent multiple emails via gmail with support links listed in membership area. Failed Message error is all that I keep getting from those support links? I have No way of contacting you or your support team to retrieve my products "paid for." I've bought plenty of online marketing stuff from others,good and bad. So far I'm out my investment $, but on the hook for the monthly credit card membership fee that will bill me with certainty. I've stumbled upon this blog to actually have a slim chance of getting in touch with You and your support team? I'll rethink my investment here when I can't get what I've paid for, no support links that actually will work to get help. I don't have time to chase people for things I've paid for. Nothing but irritation with this whole thing. :-( gman6499@gmail.com
      Am I an isolated case only here or what?

  3. Hi Gilbert, I have replied to you personally by email to send all your purchases to you.

    We had a technical problem with our Support Desk for 7 days which meant all emails were getting rejected. We have since resolved the problem and everything’s working great again now.

    I am sorry for any inconvenience caused, but we were totally unaware of the support desk problems until my administrator realised there was a problem and we then fixed it the same day.

    1. Hey Chris,
      I did hear back from you. You did make my purchases good as you stated here. You also enlightened me with a little extra bonus for the inconvenience caused by your Technical Challenge. Perhaps a backup support link/email for your support Desk can be part of your marketing moving forward to alleviate situations like this one in the future. Thank you for making this technical error a positive experience for me after all is said and done.
      Gilbert P. Cartier

  4. Did Him Scam Or Not?? i not understand

    Welcome back to may website


  5. Virtually all the people pushing schemes to make money on the internet are effectively scammers. They always claim fantastic success for themselves, thousands of pounds or dollars daily -- you´d have to be an idiot to believe them, even when they wave what purport to be copies of their PayPal accounts.

  6. "Internet Friend": I note, from your email address, that you presumably live in Spain - as I do. Are you anywhere near Velez Rubio (Almeria)? We´re both, presumably looking for "A Way to Make Money - Preferably a Lot of It - on the Internet."